We Work Hard & Aim to Please

I have had the privilege of working with Chris for over 12 years. Knowing her for that time, she has always been creative, self-motivated, solution driven, task oriented, dependable and detail oriented in her work. Chris would be an asset in any work situation and is a joy to work with.

Pam Kay

Chris is an excellent analyst and problem solver. Give her a challenge and she enjoys overcoming it. She enjoys blending her skills with systems and analytics together with a jovial attitude, while not losing focus on daily tasks. Chris likes to get involved in a diversity of activities and often takes charge of the group in those endeavors about which she is most passionate. She is quite entrepreneurial and creative, unafraid to explore and implement new ventures, methods and ideas. She has a strong work ethic and cares about the people with and for whom she works. Her sense of responsibility guides her to get the job done even in difficult situations.

Shane Porzio

I have worked with Chris for 20 years and it has been my pleasure to work with her and become her friend. Chris has never been one to take the easy road, she will investigate each path and make a decision that is best for the situation. She has never said that is not my job. She embraces challenges. She is very entrepreneurial and definitely thinks outside the box. She accomplishes a great deal and always has fun doing it, thereby making it fun for all those working with her.

Rebecca Mehaffey

I have worked with Chris for the past 3 years. She is an incredible person who brings her passion to work. You could always count on Chris to deliver results. She is quick to volunteer and lead meaningful change. I really appreciated her efforts to support our digital transformation. She did an incredible job helping my business when a team member had health problems last year. Her primary concern was for the health of our colleague and she wasn’t worried about taking on the extra work for the good of the team. Chris is an entrepreneur and I am confident she will make a huge impact in whatever she chooses in life.

Alex Attlesey

Freestyle Property Solutions, is amazing. I have worked with Chris for many years and she is very conscientious and detail oriented. She will work hard for you and will make sure the work exceeds your expectations! I highly recommend her!

Lorrie Castonguay